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Find Out about Lowering Your Electric Bill with Armor Electric

Did you know that right now, you are wasting your hard-earned money on something as basic as lighting?

Home LED lighting is the wave of the future for residential lightingIt’s true – your home is loaded with potential energy savings. But without talking to an expert electrician in Orange County you’ll never realize those savings – and your bank account will pay the price.

Now is your chance to dramatically slash your residential electric bill with the dedicated professionals at Armor Electric - the only go-to resource for top-notch electric services in Orange County.

Find out more about how Armor Electric can help you cut your energy costs today – and save.

What is LED Lighting? Harnessing the Power of the Future with Armor Electric

What if you could easily reduce your annual energy bill by simply picking up a phone and making one quick call to a residential electrician in Orange County?

Here’s the truth – you can save money with one phone call, all thanks to the terrific home LED lighting services provided by the pros at Armor Electric!

Home LED lighting is the wave of the future for residential lighting. The ancient incandescent light bulbs you use now in your home belong in the 20th Century. A LED bulb lasts 42 times longer and uses just 1/30th the amount of energy as an incandescent bulb – plus it is much more durable and puts off less heat. That means your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to cool a room – something all Orange County residents love to hear when summer rolls in!

We at Armor Electric offer a revolutionary LED lighting installation service that is guaranteed to save you money when you switch to this amazing, high-efficiency technology for your home.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Each year you have home LED lighting equals money in your pocket. Call Armor Electric at (714) 674-0443 for your LED lighting installation today!

Saving Even More Money with Armor Electric

The pros at Armor Electric can help you save even more money with some common-sense solutions that are easy to install and easy to afford.

For example, did you know you can install something as simple as a basic residential dimmer that helps you reduce the amount of electricity you use for a room – a device that not only pays for itself in less than two years, but saves you $9 on average, per room, every single year?

That is amazing ­– and that is exactly what Armor Electric offers you as the LED lighting installation electrician in Orange County. Throw in room sensors and other terrific upgrades and your energy bill will shrink before your eyes.

Saving Even More Money with Armor Electric

Why wait another moment? Start saving money the right way. Call Armor Electric today – and cut your energy costs for good.