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Recessed Lighting

At Amor Electric, we love the lighting we put in our homes because the right lighting installation can make an entire room come to life. Our Experienced Electricians promise to do just that for any job in Orange County.

Recessed Lighting as a Must-Have Addition

One of the things our clients ask for the most is recessed lighting – lighting that can be artfully and powerfully used in a variety of ways to accent a home. We offer the best lighting installation for recessed lighting and other electrical services to our residential customers and back it all up with our promise of reliability, professionalism, and service.

Recessed lighting has been around for years and isn’t anything new, but the way Armor Electric performs your lighting installation, it still makes a powerful statement that is unique and refreshing.

Our customers use recessed lighting around the home to perfectly accent family rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and galleries – accompanied by energy-efficient dimmer switches installed by Armor Electric. These switches not only cut costs, but also can let you set the mood – and turn any night into a romantic getaway.

Residential Lighting Installation:

Saving Money with LED Lighting

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We care about more than just making your home look spectacular – we want your bank account to do the same. That is why we offer energy-efficient LED lighting installation in addition to incandescent and fluorescent lighting installation- to give you the options you want.

LED lighting represents the latest step in lighting technology, designed to be more efficient. This upgrade not only saves you money, but saves energy – which helps save the planet one light at a time. Orange County residents care about the environment, which is why home LED lighting and commercial LED lighting installation is one of our most requested services.

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