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Recessed Lighting Installation Ideas for your Orange County Home

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One of the most commonly-requested electrical services in Orange County today is recessed lighting installation. Everyone in Orange County, it seems, wants recessed lighting in their homes and commercial properties, primarily because it delivers aesthetic and functional benefits over more traditional types of lighting.

Here, we will discuss various types of recessed lighting ideas for your residential or commercial property, including how you can find the right electrician in Orange County to perform your new lighting installation.

What is Recessed Lighting? A Quick Overview

Recessed LightingRecessed lighting is lighting that is installed in a particular surface instead of hanging or significantly protruding from it. Often the light rim sits flush with the surface. One good example is a spotlight versus, say, a hanging lamp over a dinner table.

Recessed lighting represents a growing trend because people are becoming more and more attracted to the sleek, smooth, and modern look and feel it represents.  The light it gives off in a residential or commercial property can also be more easily directed and routed for a variety of uses, giving the user a lot of flexibility when it comes to functionality and décor.

Ways to Use Recessed Lights to Improve Your Home

There are many ways homeowners and professional decorators alike in Orange County have made use of new lighting installation and other related electrical services to maximize the benefits of recessed lights. We will cover creative ideas room by room in a typical home.


The kitchen is one of the nerve centers of the home and is highly task-centered. Recessed lighting – like an individual spotlight with its own switch – can be placed over the oven, cutting board, and sink to give maximum lighting control for each task that needs to be accomplished for meal preparation.

Living Room

The living room is perfect for recessed lights because often there is no need to illuminate the entire room. Want to read in the corner recliner? Keep the rest of the room dark with a pivoting recessed light above the reading spot. Want to keep the entrances lit while the rest of the room is plunged in darkness during a movie? Corner lights are perfect.


Spotlight works of art, statues, bookcases, and other displays with carefully-placed recessed lights that give off plenty of radiance but do not detract from the room.

Finding the Right Electrician in Orange County

Finding the right residential and/or commercial electrical services and lighting installation technician for your installation is easier than you think. Look online for electricians who have experience with residential installation.  If they can also do LED lighting, dimmer switches and sensors, you can even save money with your recessed lighting.



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